The CUNY CREST Institute was inaugurated at the hands of by Dr. Larry Robinson, Assistant US Secretary of Commerce at the City College of New York on November 29, 2010. CREST will be  an internationally recognized research collaborative for advancing Earth System Science and Engineering through State-of-the-art Technologies.

The mission of CREST is to develop environmental information and technical capabilities needed for research on processes affecting the Earth System at multiple scales and for planning a sustainable society by compiling Remote Sensing Observations and Modeling Resources into set of Scientific Investigations and Data Products and by supporting the Educational Mission of the University, all in partnerships with Researchers, Technology Companies, Local, National and International Organizations

The CUNY Remote Sensing of the Earth Systems  Institute will increase partnerships to ALL CUNY colleges including other university; industries; federal; state and city agencies. The CREST Institute will largely benefit our STUDENTS community from all across the CUNY colleges and also research and scientific community. NOAA-CREST Center will be an integral part of CUNY CREST Institute.


CREST works together with various partners in